Sinus and Allergy Relief with Negative Ion Clothing

sinus and allergy with negative ion clothing

Allergies and sinus issues are common health problems that can cause significant discomfort and impact your daily life. While medication can help manage symptoms, there are other natural solutions that can provide relief. Negative ions, for example, have been shown to have a positive impact on respiratory health. Negative ions are charged particles that are abundant in nature, such as in the air after a rainstorm or near the ocean. They work by attaching themselves to airborne allergens and pollutants, making them too heavy to stay airborne, and eventually settling to the ground. This can help reduce exposure to allergens and pollutants, and alleviate symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. A satisfied customer has shared her experience on how negative ion clothing helped relieve her allergies and sinus issues, and is eager to spread the word about the benefits of negative ions.

24-year-old Paige from Bangkok Thailand works in the consulting industry at PwC. In her testimony, she shares that after experiencing positive things from using Negative lon Clothes, she hopes that everyone out there who experiences similar problems could experience the benefits for themselves.

Before, Paige used to have bad allergies and sinus problems, every morning. She woke up with a very stuffy nose and when she goes into air-conditioned rooms, she would start sneezing and her nose would become very blocked. Sometimes it would last the entire day. She found it very irritating and that it could ruin one’s personality from sniffing or blowing your nose all the time. At times, she would also have a severe sinus issue lasting for a week or two. This tended to happen only in Singapore, especially coming back from work.

Too much exposure to air-conditioned rooms could also leave her sick for almost two weeks! Because of these issues, Paige has had to take many days off from work. She would also not feel productive with work because of the pressure build-up in her head. This would get very annoying and very painful since sometimes it led to headaches from just blowing your nose too hard.

As a countermeasure, she often used a nasal rinse, which unfortunately doesn’t help long term. She also had to use tissue packets all the time, bringing it everywhere she went.

Thankfully things changed one fateful day. While having her usual severe sinus episode, Paige went to request leave from her boss. She just couldn’t take being in the office any longer. Beatrice, her manager, overheard the conversation. She approached Paige to enquire about her symptoms.

After talking for a while, Beatrice gave Paige her own Negative lon scarf to try it on. 10 minutes later since trying on Beatrice’s scarf, Paige started feeling hot though her sinus issue still persisted. An hour later, to Paige’s surprise, her nose started to clear up!

Still feeling the heat in her body, this alarmed Paige who messaged Beatrice asking her what was going on.

Beatrice replied that her reactions of body heat were normal and her symptoms would get better over time.

Paige continued using the scarf for the next 3 to 4 full days, 24/7. She wore it at night, after waking up and even brought it to the office. After wearing the scarf for the week, her sinus symptoms went away! Even all the bad conditions that came with her allergies and sinus issues she used to have in the mornings, all went away!

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