Frequently Asked Questions – Negative Ion Clothing

  • What are Negative Ions?
    Negative ions are molecules present in our surrounding air or atmosphere that are negatively charged. In this context, it can be referred to as oxygen atoms with extra (negatively charged) electrons.
  • Where can we find Negative Ions in our surroundings?
    Negative ions are commonly found in abundance in nature, especially around waterfalls, ocean surf, beaches, mountains, and forests.
  • How do Negative Ions benefit us?
    • Negative ions benefit us in many ways. This includes:Neutralising free radicals
    • Revitalising cell metabolism
    • Boosting immune function
    • Purifying the blood and improves blood circulation
    • Balancing the autonomic nervous system
    • Promoting deep sleep
    • Improves digestion
    • Purifying air from airborne allergens, dust, pet dander, and cigarette smoke.
  • Why Negative Ion clothing?
    To reap the health benefits of negative ions, there has been a surge in the prevalence of wellness products associated with negative ions.

    While it is great to raise the atmospheric concentration of negative ions in your surroundings, the absorption of negative ions is 5 times more efficient through our skin via tactile contact. As such, the use of quality negative ion clothing would result in more visible health benefits. 
  • How are our products different from other brands and similar products in the market?
    All our products are made using award-winning fibers NEORON® and Teviron developed by our in-house R&D team in Japan. Fabric made with these special fibers has a highly negative static charge, which constantly generates negative ions with movement.
    Compared to other similar health wear in the market, our NEORON® fibers have unmatchable features such as:
    • Providing excellent heat insulation that maintains a consistent body temperature.
    • Superior Moisture Permeability that wicks off moisture, keeping body dry and comfortable.
    • Ultra Strong Negative Static Electricity that never runs out of negative ions.
    • Outstanding Flame Retardancy
  • How long can the Negative Ions of our products last?
    The Negative ions of our products and health wear is not a result of added chemical or fabric finishing. Hence, the negative ion property of our products will last as long as the fabric or product last.
    Unlike some other products found in the market, negative ions of our products are generated as a result of friction of fabric made of Teviron and Neurons fibers. In other words, apart from regular wear and tear, our products can lasts almost forever.
  • Are our products safe for babies and pregnant women?
    Our products serve to create an environment with a high concentration of negative ions for users through natural and non-invasive ways that are safe for users of all ages, including babies and pregnant women. In fact, such natural means to maintain a healthier environment are encouraged for vulnerable groups like babies and pregnant mothers.
  • Are there any side effects or special note of caution for someone that is on medication or undergoing treatment?
    Our products are safe for all body types and do not disrupt nor have any chemical reactions with the medication or treatments.
  • Will Negative Ion Health wear benefit one who is healthy and free from ailments?
    Most definitely. While one is blessed with good health, we should never take things for granted, and continue to make conscious efforts to maintain or improve our health. After all, we are constantly exposed to free radicals and getting older.
    Moreover, with urbanisation, most of us are not getting enough negative ions in our environment. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be “wearing a waterfall” all day long?
  • Is there special care required when washing the Negative Ion Health wear?
    Use a standard washing machine (22 lbs. or larger for domestic use) or wash by hand if you prefer.
    • Use laundry bag(s) for the wash cycle.
    • Wash in cold water with a low setting and with like colors. (Piling of the fibers may occur after washing, but this will not affect the quality of the product).
    • Lay it flat on a towel and stretch it to the correct size and shape before setting it to dry.
    • Air dry naturally by laying over a clothesline, flat surface, or drying rack with netting.
    • While still wet or damp, comb the material in the right direction with a soft brush to maintain the smooth texture.
      • Avoid more than 60°C/140°F of hot water.
      • Do not wash with dirty or colored clothings.
      • Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or anti-static agent.
      • Do not use a dryer or any heated device such as iron or steam cleaner.
      • Use of Nature’s Clean All Natural Biodegradable Laundry Detergent is highly recommended.