Healing through Nature

Absorption of negative ions from head to toe for 24 hours can promote blood circulation and cell metabolism. It also promotes health in the lymphatic system, skeletal system and nervous system.

How do Negative Ions work?

Why does being at a waterfall, or by the ocean, make us feel better instantly? There's actually a scientific reason for this...

⚡Negative ions!

They're created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water, which is why there's SO MUCH of it around waterfalls, forests and the seaside!

You’ve felt the effects of negative ions if you ever feel instantly refreshed the moment you open a window and breathe in fresh, humid air, or you feel refreshed by the ocean or at a waterfall.

According to WebMD, once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.’1

Benefits of Negative ions are1:

⚡Purify the blood and improve blood circulation by increasing the oxygen capacity of red blood cells

⚡Keep our cells healthy and active by optimising our blood oxygen intake and overall waste elimination in our cells

⚡Boost our overall immune system

⚡Balance the system and improve areas such as sleep and hormone balance

That's why we see so many popular negative ion products being sold, like bracelets, air purifiers, even salt lamps.

But, did you know using our skin to absorb negative ions, increases efficiency by > 500% compared to breathing3? That's why negative ion clothes are gaining popularity!

Using something known as the Triboelectric effect. When this special fabric is rubbed against your skin, it generates negative ions.

This fabric was invented in Japan way back in 1956. It’s gained popularity through the years.

Amazing features of the Fabric:

🔥Superb Heat Insulation

💦Superior Moisture Permeability

⚡Negative Static Electricity

🔥Excellent Flame Retardancy!

But just how much negative ions do we need in our environment?

Experts say 5,000 - 50,000/cm³ to strengthen the immune system. And 100,000/cm3+ to enhance natural healing4.

That’s especially great for people who:

  1. Suffer from headaches, stiff necks, and other aches & pains
  2. Have problems falling asleep and wake up not feeling fully recharged
  3. Want to be healthy but have no time to exercise
  4. Are sick of taking supplements every day...

Sadly, in our homes or offices these days, because of pollution, we might only expect less than 500, some even 0!

Compare this to a waterfall, where readings can go up to 10,000 - 20,000!

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True Stories

canva-photo-editor (84)



“After a motorcycle accident 20 years ago, I injured my right leg very badly and had a loss of sensation in my leg. Over the years, I experienced a lot of pain and difficulty climbing stairs and constantly had a fear that I might need to go for surgery for my leg.

I was afraid that my condition would suddenly deteriorate without warning. As such, I decided to try out Negative Ion Clothes in hopes of improving my health and condition even though I had reservations about it.

After just 4 days of wearing Negative Ion clothes, there was a resounding reaction! The severe rashes and itching on my leg slowly disappeared, and I no longer feel pain or have difficulty when climbing stairs.

One day, I went to my classmate’s house which was on the fifth floor. I monitored the condition of my leg when I was walking up and down the stairs, but surprisingly I did not feel any pain or discomfort! It’s amazing!

It really is a miracle for me to have recovered so fast.”




“Ever since the age of 16, Mr. Hong had developed a dry skin disease, also known as psoriasis. Soon, the red spots on his head and joints began to spread and develop into red patches.

He searched throughout the country for both Chinese medicine and Western medicine to help. But nothing could improve it...

He could only control his condition using steroid drugs.

He tried taking health supplements, with servings up to 60 a day, yet still could not see any effects. His skin condition got worse, the red patch got bigger and thicker. While walking, the psoriasis growing in his joint areas would bleed from the abrasion.

20 years later, his joints began to ache, so severely that he could not even turn his head, and found even lifting a cup difficult. His doctor could only give him painkillers, but it aggravated his problem of psoriasis.

After trying some Negative Ion clothes for 3 days, his joint and back pain reduced by 50%! After 2 weeks, the psoriasis started showing significant improvement, the red patches became thinner and the redness lightened...”

testimonial - eunice - edited

Ms. Eunise


Just completed a visit to the hospital and I'm so grateful to share this piece of good news with everyone.

Just last week (March 2018), I delivered a number of Negative Ion products to the hospital to this lady who is suffering from a stroke. This is her third relapse, and she was only 34. When I visited her at the hospital, she had already been warded for a month.

It was her mother whom I spoke with, about how Negative Ion clothes can help stroke patients to see recovery and even faster than the stated recovery rate. Prior to the meetup, we were complete strangers.

Along the week, I popped by a few more times to check on her and every visit I made, I witnessed before me a recovery I'd never seen before. On my first visit after she started using Negative Ion clothes, she could respond to questions that I ask her by mouthing it slowly but without her voice (unlike before where she was always in a daze and could not communicate with us). The second time I went down with both my mum and the patient's mum. She could tilt from her neck left right, slightly raise her left leg and gently lift her head for me to easily wear the blanket hat for her.

Today, she could lift both her legs, the right side of her arm, and the best part is, she could finally speak to me with a voice!! I can't even describe how happy I was to witness that. From seeing how she could only lay there helplessly a week ago, to how much her condition has improved today; I believe her mother must be very happy too! We are all looking forward to the day she'll be discharged.

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